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QR code generator

About QR Codes Generators

qrcodesgenerators.com is a free QR code generator which gives you the ability to create QR codes which will stand out, in a fancy way.

Our features includes a color picker, custom background and foreground colors, transparent background for your QR code and QR codes with gradient foreground. Moreover, our QR generator allow you to chose from a range of advanced QR Code patterns which can be delimited by custome QR Code markers for border and center.

Available formats for QR codes:.png .svg .pdf

Make custom QR Codes with your own logo

Put a custom brand on your QR code. With QR Codes Generators it is extremely basic and clear to add a logo to your QR Code. The QR codes are as yet clear and You can control the dimension of the logo.

Eye catching design

Your QR code can be simply special with your favorite colors. Also the form and shape of the nook elements and the physique of the QR code can be customized as you wish. You can set your very own colors for all QR code elements. Add a gradient colour to the QR code physique and make it honestly stand out. Attractive QR codes can enlarge the quantity of scans.

Comercial use

QR codes generated on this website are free to use everywhere you want, with any purpose.

What is a QR code?

QR code is an acronym for 'Quick Response'; It is a type of matrix barcode, or two-dimensional barcode. The advantage of QR codes over traditional one-dimensional (1D) barcodes is that data can be encoded into both dimensions - increasing the amount of information stored in a smaller area.

This makes it a viable solution for simple tasks such as accesing a website, or for adding additional information about a business card held in your phone or complex, large-scale sorting application. For example, if you wanted to sort your groceries by expiration date at the supermarket, you would need only one barcode scanner and one QR code reader to scan all items in a single pass.

QR Code history

While the idea for QR codes came about in 1994, it wasn't until 2010 that the first commercial QR code reader hit the market. 2010 was also the year popular smartphone manufacturer HTC launched their own phone with a built-in code scannerQR .

Today there are almost too many uses to list, but top of mind would probably be automatic social media tagging, tracking data to monitor traffic flows throughout cities and even using them as part of customer service.

QR code examples

Examples include: Accessing your social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter, opening a browser to view a webpage, adding additional product information in an online store checkout process and much more.

What makes a QR code?

The most common type of QR code is made up of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background, similar to how pixels are arranged on your computer screen. Each of these modules is called a 'pixel' - which is why you might hear the term "monochrome" or "color",

What is a QR Code Generator?

A QR code generator is a program or an application that allows users to generate QR codes. The user simply enters the data they want stored in the QR code and it creates a graphical representation of the data which can then be printed out or saved as an image onto their computer screen.

Why use a QR Code Generator?

QR codes have been integrated into many mobile devices, allowing users to scan QR codes with their phones for a number of reasons. A few examples are:

1. Accessing websites that are linked to the QR code 

2. Loading an application onto your mobile device e.g. Android Market, BlackBerry App World 

3. Scanning barcodes with smartphones to access daily deals or coupons 

4. Encoding contact information so that it can be accessed more easily by users 

5. Sending text messages using QR codes

6. Sharing multimedia content with another person who has a device capable of scanning QR codes

7. To connect to your social networking accounts like Facebook or LinkedIn 

8. To access Wi-Fi networks 

9. To access user manuals and installation guides 

10. To load other forms of data like company logos, product information and much more

There are many advantages to using QR codes: they can be scanned even without a network connection; they provide the user with the ability to receive multimedia content; and if you use them correctly, no special training or expertise is required to use them. Therefore, QR codes remain a viable alternative to traditional barcodes in today's modern world.

QR Code Generator Benefits

 There are no disadvantages when using a QR code generator properly. They simplify the process of generating QR codes, allowing users to customize their own content and giving them more control over how they use QR.  For example, you can choose to use a basic black and white QR code instead of the high-resolution color version.

The only disadvantage is that not all mobile devices support them; A list of compatible smart phones can be found here.